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Top Business Loans in Las Vegas, NV Entrepreneurs

Every type of Vegas business needs access to funding at some point

Growing your business is made easier with access to critical information you’ll need before choosing your next business loan in Las Vegas.

Did you know there are over 30,000* active businesses in the valley?

Large companies like Amazon, UFC, and Allegiant Airlines and smaller companies alike choose to call Southern Nevada home.

…but what happens when cash flow becomes the limiting factor in taking your business to the next step?

Infuse Lending is here to help.

We make the confusing and time-consuming process of finding a loan that fits your criteria on your terms easier.

“The average small business owner spends 24-to-72 hours talking to lenders, filling out loan applications and submitting documentation, according to a survey conducted by seven Federal Reserve banks.”

– Harvard Business School Publication

Choosing the right loan option for your business

Don’t put your business into a risky situation by automatically accepting your first loan approval… it may not be the BEST option.


Why do you need one?

Taking a moment to think and strategize can help you avoid having to overpay on high interest rates. It can also help you identify, if you’ll need to guarantee the loan either personally or through the business’ assets.

In some cases, qualifying for an SBA loan can make the acquisition or expansion of your business more affordable.


3 Questions to Ask Yourself before Starting Your Search 

  1. What do you plan on using the money for?
  2. Is there a specific type of funding that is a better fit?
  3. What can you or your business afford?

2 Popular Funding Options

Term Loan

A popular option if you want a predictable payment schedule to make it easy to stay on top of your monthly loan payments.


  • Set and predictable payment structure
  • Great for a wide range of business uses
  • Option of weekly or monthly payment schedules
  • Low interest rates for strong credit scores
  • Long payment terms (12+ months and beyond)


  • Prepayment penalties may apply

Business Line of Credit

Great if you are looking for flexible and on-demand access to funds, so your Las Vegas business can move forward without limits.


  • Only pay interest on withdrawn money
  • Funding is available when you need it
  • Bad personal credit is acceptable
  • Excellent way to increase your credit score
  • No restrictions on what business purpose money can be used for


  • May require business collateral
  • High interest for lower credit scores

“A key influential factor in 2019 will be access to financing. If it continues to be accessible, the economy should keep humming along as it did in 2018”

– Nevada Business Magazine

Specialized Loan Solutions

Inventory Financing

Need to purchase important inventory but limited by cash flow?

Take full advantage of seasonal sales peaks and customer demand while the iron is hot.

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Equipment Financing

Need to purchase important equipment your business depends on?

Don’t let productivity goals suffer without the critical equipment your business needs.

Learn More →

Payroll Loans

Want to cover your employees’ payroll checks without stress?

Give employees security and confidence when they’re able to receive their next check on-time.

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Merchant Cash Advance

Is your business suffering from cash flow due to disbursement schedules?

Access your incoming cash faster.

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Lines of Credit

Need quicker & flexible access to credit for your business?

Get flexible access to funding when you need it and on-demand.

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Invoice Factoring

Can’t afford to wait around for customers to pay weeks or months from now?

Leverage your current invoices for quicker access to your money.

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We’re Here to Help

Navigating the process of finding a business funding option for your Las Vegas business does not have to be confusing or overwhelming.